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Plate Heat Exchangers Classified
Dec 21, 2016

Under normal circumstances, mostly according to the structure we distinguish between plate heat exchangers, which distinguish according to the shape, can be divided into four main categories: ① Removable Plate heat exchanger (also known as gasket plate heat exchangers), welding plate heat exchanger, consisting of spiral plate heat exchanger, black-coil heat exchanger (also known as honeycomb heat exchangers).

Among them, the welded plate heat exchangers can be divided into: semi-welded plate heat exchangers, welded plate heat exchangers, plate-shell heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchangers.

Classification has frequently used the following:

1 according to the amount of heat transfer area per unit of space, plate heat exchangers are compact heat exchangers, mainly compared with shell-and-tube heat exchanger, covers an greater traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

2 according to the purpose, and has different names: heater plate, plate coolers, plate condensers, plate heater;

3 according to the Assembly, divided into single and multi-pass plate heat exchanger plate heat exchanger;

4 according to the flow direction of the two media, divided into downstream (flowing) plate heat exchangers, counterflow, cross flow plate heat exchanger (cross flow) plate heat exchangers, which used more;

5 follow the runner gap size, divided between General clearance and width of plate heat exchanger plate type heat exchanger;

6 follow the ripples, plate heat exchangers in more detail, respectively, not the tired, please refer to: corrugated plate heat exchanger plate form.

7 according to whether is a complete product, can be divided into single plate heat exchangers, heat exchanger units.

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