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Air Heat Exchanger A Suitable Equipment Meaning Is Very Important
Aug 10, 2017

In the air conditioning project, a large number of finned tube heat Air Heat Exchangers are used in the heating and cooling process of the air, and the heat transfer tube is made of aluminum fin with a small copper tube with a diameter of 2 to 8 rows of tubes. Hot and cold water in the tube for the serpentine reciprocating flow, the air in the tube outside the fins through, while being heated or cooled. The Fin adopts integral fin form, the fin type has the flat type, the wrinkle type (among them, the corrugated board application most) and the open seam type (such as the seam type, the shutter type and so on).

The air heat transfer coefficient and resistance characteristics of the heat Air Heat Exchanger with different fin forms were varied. A large number of experiments have found that the increase of frictional resistance is unavoidable at the same time that good heat exchange properties are obtained. Under the given heat Air Heat Exchanger size and fan operating curve, the increase of pressure loss will inevitably lead to the decrease of air velocity, and thus reduce the temperature difference between air and fin wall. Secondly, most of the heat Air Heat Exchangers used in air conditioning projects are running alternately under dry and wet conditions, and the heat transfer and resistance characteristics of different fin heat Air Heat Exchangers under wet conditions are quite different from those under dry conditions. Therefore, how to choose Fin form correctly, the effect on the actual working characteristics of heat Air Heat Exchanger can not be neglected, and it is best to find a compromise between heat transfer and resistance loss.

1. Before running the heat Air Heat Exchanger, check that all the nozzles have been tightened to determine that the system parameters will not exceed the allowable working pressure and temperature values on the manufacturing label.

2, before starting the pump, the heat Air Heat Exchanger should be the first to open all valves and discharge valves, the heat Air Heat Exchanger to close the import valve.

3, start the pump, slowly open the pump exit valve, so that the pressure slowly rising, in order to prevent the unilateral overpressure, enter the heat Air Heat Exchanger of the two medium inlet valve should be opened at the same time, or first slowly injected low pressure side medium, and then slowly injected high-pressure test medium.

HEAT Air Heat Exchanger is one of the most widely used equipments in chemical production, the use of heat exchanging equipment is directly related to the heating and cooling index of each circulating medium. The effect of heat transfer has a direct effect on the stability of production operation, the utilization of waste heat, the improvement of product quality and energy consumption. Over the years, most of China's chemical enterprises heat exchange has been using the traditional heat Air Heat Exchanger-tubular heat Air Heat Exchangers, and this kind of heat Air Heat Exchanger equipment in today's energy shortage of water resources, its high energy consumption, overhaul frequent shortcomings increasingly prominent, so choose a suitable heat Air Heat Exchanger equipment significance is very important. To this end, the tube-type waste water cooler is changed into high efficiency and energy-saving spiral plate heat Air Heat Exchanger.

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