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Waste heat recovery boiler heat pipe technology
Dec 21, 2016

Waste heat is under certain economic and technical conditions, not to use energy in the energy use of equipment, which is redundant and waste energy. It consists of high-temperature waste heat, the cooling medium-heat, waste steam waste heat, heat and blast furnace slag heat, chemical reaction heat, combustible waste liquid and waste heat recovery, and high pressure fluid pressure seven. According to the survey, the industry's total waste heat resource of about 17%~67% per cent of its total fuel consumption, can be about waste heat recovery and utilization of waste heat resources total resources 60%. Superconducting heat pipe is a heat pipe waste heat recovery units heat transfer to the main components, and ordinary heat exchangers are fundamentally different. Heat pipe waste heat recovery unit heat up to more than 98%, which cannot be reached by any kind of ordinary heat exchangers. Small volume of heat pipe waste heat recovery unit, just ordinary heat exchanger 1/3. Its principle of operation as shown in the figure: flue gas channel on the left, the right to clean air (water or other medium) channel Middle clapboard apart without disturbing. High temperature flue gas emitted by the left channel, and discharge high temperature flue gas wash tube, when the flue gas temperature > 30 ℃, heat activated will automatically heat to the right, then heat pipe heat on the left, after high temperature flue gas flows through the tube temperature, the heat is absorbed by the heat and transfer to the right. Clean air at room temperature (water or other medium) under the blower, flows along the channel in the opposite direction to the right wash heat pipe, heat radiates to the right, clean air (water or other medium) heat after the air flowing through the pipe temperature. Composed of a plurality of heat pipe waste heat recovery device, installed in the boiler, flue gas heat absorption and high speed transmission to the other end, the dew point of the exhaust gas temperature to near and reduce the loss of heat emission. Heated air drying materials or added to the recycling within the boiler. Increase efficiency of boilers and industrial furnaces, reducing fuel consumption, achieve the goal of energy saving.

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