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Dec 21, 2016

Radiators (radiator, and CUP) is machinery and equipment parts are operating to reduce the heat generated by the device operation, and mechanical cooling refrigeration equipment parts to increase the operation life of the machinery. Heat sinks directly affects the quality of work life of machinery and equipment parts.

Power consumption and heat output on the rise as the PC's internal components, how to effectively cool the PC became a serious problem, all kinds of radiators are racing to launch. From the thermal point of view, current PC heat sink is still the most common: air cooling, water cooling, passive cooling. Liquid cooling products at high prices, and installing complicated; low performance of passive heat sink, the production process makes the restrictions on its price advantage in respect of other genus such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice is more expert players choice. Air cooling performance, cheaper, easier installation, more widely used, is the mainstream PC heatsink.

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