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Dec 21, 2016

Is the main boiler performance indicators, including boiler capacity, steam pressure and steam temperature, water temperature, etc. rated maximum continuous evaporation to evaporation or boiler capacity is available. Rated evaporation capacity is provided for export under the pressure, temperature and efficiency, continuous steam output per unit of time. Maximum continuous steam output is the required outlet pressure, temperature, the unit time maximum amount of continuous steam production.


Including boiler steam temperature and pressure, usually refers to the exit of the superheater and reheater steam pressure and temperature if there is no superheater and reheater refers to the saturated vapour pressure and temperature at the boiler outlet. Refers to water temperature economizer water temperature, no economizer refers to drum inlet water temperature. Boilers can be classified according to different methods. Boiler by uses can is divided into industrial boiler, and power station boiler, and ship with boiler and locomotive boiler,; by boiler export pressure can is divided into low voltage, and in the pressure, and high pressure, and super high pressure, and Asia critical pressure, and Super critical pressure, boiler; boiler by water and flue gas of flow path can is divided into fire tube boiler, and fire tube boiler and pipes boiler, which fire tube boiler and fire tube boiler and collection called pot shell boiler; by cycle way can is divided into natural cycle boiler, and auxiliary cycle boiler (that forced cycle boiler), and DC boiler and composite cycle boiler; by burning way, Divided Chamber combustion furnaces, Stoker boiler and roaster.

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