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Identify Duff
Dec 21, 2016

In General, radiator sales will be named "anticorruption", and offers a variety of evidence, makes consumer dazzling. But many of the manufacturers in order to save costs, eliminates the internal layer of certain processing, surface treatment are not up to the required coated thickness standards and, therefore, many coated radiators on the market, soak in hot water for 5 days around large area blister coating started peeling off, heat sink substrate rust, corrosion resistance will be. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of anti-corrosion of radiators to choose, don't believe advocacy business, watercourses within the available touch check and view the corrosion test reports and other synthetic judgments.

Selection of steel and aluminum radiators, anti-corrosion performance is the key. Consumer choices, depending on whether it is a professional corrosion protection, instead of relying on price theory, too cheap radiator coating quality is not eligible. General formal brand radiators within the anti-corrosion materials are high pressure, corner, bubble-free, corrosion resistance good; a brand within the radiator coating is hand poured into, corners, bubbles, poor corrosion resistance.

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