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Flue gas
Dec 21, 2016

Contained in the flue dusts (including fly ash and soot), oxides of sulphur and nitrogen is polluting the atmosphere of substances, without purifying their emissions targets can be achieved when environmental protection provisions target several times by dozens of times. Measures to control emissions of these substances before combustion, combustion technology, dust collection, desulfuration and denitrification. By means of high smokestacks can reduce the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere near the chimney.

Flue used by the force of gravity, centrifugal force, inertia and acoustic waves, electrostatic adhesion. For coarse particles by gravitational settling and separation of inertial force, often uses centrifugal force to separate in a higher-capacity dust electrostatic precipitators and bag filters with high efficiency. Wet and drop in the venturi water dust scrubber water film adhesion to fly ash, dust removal efficiency is very high also absorb gaseous pollutants.

In the 1950 of the 20th century, the efforts to develop a comprehensive utilization of fly ash, legalizing gambling. As with the manufacture of fly ash cement, bricks and building materials such as concrete aggregate. 70 and extraction of cenosphere from fly ash, such as fire-resistant insulation materials.

Future development will rise further boilers and boiler thermal efficiency of power plant; reduce boiler and power plant units of equipment cost; improve operational flexibility and automation level of the boiler unit; develop more boilers to suit different fuels; improving the operational reliability of boiler and its auxiliary equipment; reduced pollution of the environment.

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