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Distinguish between material
Dec 21, 2016

Traditional materials

Traditional heating thermal device, to cast iron thermal device, and plate thermal device for its typical representative, in China using has has Shang Centennial of history, due to its production process in the energy high, and pollution serious, and efficiency low, and heat transfer slow, and appearance rude, and heavy, has became family decoration of a corner, many family decoration Shi, had to will cast iron radiator "package" up, such is "cover" has "ugly", but is brings has series of problem: a is occupied space; II is easy formed health corner; three is durability poor, "packaging" Radiator material deformation over a long period. Due to the above shortcomings of the traditional cast iron radiators, relevant departments of the State has explicitly limit the production and use of traditional cast iron radiator.

New material

New heating thermal device, by material of different is divided into steel business thermal device, and aluminum thermal device, and copper business thermal device, and copper aluminum composite thermal device, and steel aluminum composite thermal device, and stainless steel thermal device,; by products shape features and is divided into column type thermal device (II column, and three column, and four column), and pipes type thermal device (single pipes, and double pipes), and wing tablets type thermal device (double wing tablets, and single wing tablets), and wing tablets type thermal device (ring wing tablets, and square wing tablets), by thermal way is divided into radiation thermal device, and convection type thermal device,. New radiators are commonly used steel column radiator, steel pipe radiator, aluminum column-wing-type radiators, copper-aluminum column-wing-type radiators.

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