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Dec 21, 2016

Coal is the main means of generating electricity, power plant boilers as one of the three main devices of the power, with the development of China's power industry development.

With the passage of time, energy-saving environmental protection become important directions of power industry structure adjustment in China and the thermal power industry in "big pressure" under the guidance of policy to actively promote optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, shut down a large number of small thermal power units of low energy efficiency and pollution, to a large extent, speed up the upgrading of thermal power equipment in China.

Until the end of 2010, single capacity 300,000-kilowatt and 60% per cent of total capacity of thermal power units in thermal power plants. The thermal power industry "big pressure" also contributed to the high parameter boiler, large capacity development. In addition, circulating fluidized beds, IGCC and clean coal technology matures, were widely used and promoted the development of CFB boiler in IGCC Gasifier.

Due to historical reasons, China's three major power equipment manufacturing bases, Shanghai Electric, Harbin Power, Dongfang electric group of three separate major complete sets of power plant equipment production capability, is the first echelon of power plant equipment manufacture; domestic boilers manufacturing the first echelon. From the production point of view, the big three has occupied the domestic boiler boiler manufacturing enterprise product market share of 60%.

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