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Characteristics of biomass boiler
Dec 21, 2016

(1) boilers for combustion of biomass fuel combustion equipment----reciprocating grate.

Boiler in structural design, unlike the traditional boiler space and decorate very reasonable secondary air and biomass fuel burning moment precipitates large amounts of volatile combustion.

Control system using high brightness, all Chinese, to famous brand PLC control system for central control unit; and boiler users to exchange information in interactive ways to achieve automatic safety operation of biomass pellet boilers.

Biomass boilers is characterized by: energy-saving, environmental protection, and easy to install.

(2) fuel supply

Is BMF fuel boiler fuel, fuel feeding machine into the top hopper, and then the spiral feeder into the furnace, evenly scattered on the grate.

(3) the combustion process

Fuel screw feeder into the furnace, where due to the high temperature flue gas and air gradually warm up, drying, firing, combustion, and this precipitated a lot of volatile, burning intensity. Produces high temperature flue gas erosion after the main heating surface of the boiler into tail-heating surface of boiler air preheater and economizer, then into the dust collector, the last chimney vented into the atmosphere. Without fuel gasification grate rear movement until the burn, what is left of a small amount of ash falling into grate ash behind.

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