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Application of Metallurgic Industr
Jun 06, 2017



Cooling of Circulating Water(Plate Heat Exchanger)

Working principle: It need circulating water to cool in all kinds of casting, stretching and other processes in steel production process. The circulating water achieve constant temperature by heat exchanger to cool water.

Boiler Exhaust Heat Recovery (Plate Heat Exchanger, Air to Air Heat Exchanger)

Working principle: The smoke will be cooled by the air preheater from the boiler, and the air will be preheated into the boiler at the same time.

Heating Furnace and Furnace Waste Heat Recovery (Plate Heat Exchanger, Air to Air Heat Exchanger)

Working principle: Flue gas heating furnace and furnace excluded are eliminated from the combustion air after heat elimination. It can save 20%~25% of heat effect.

Blast Furnace Hot Blast Furnace Waste Heat Recovery (TubeType Air Preheater)

Working principle: the exhaust heat from the high temperature flue gas in the hot blast stove will enter and exit the combustion supporting air and gas in the combustion chamber, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Sintering Furnace Waste Heat Recovery

Working principle: Organic refrigerant of the evaporator absorbs heat from the flue gas, and then steam is generated with a certain pressure and temperature. The steam work into the turbine expansion, so as to drive the electric generators for generating electricity. Steam release heat from the turbine discharge to cooling water in the condenser and condenses into a liquid, and finally back to the evaporator by the refrigerant pump. To keep repeating it, then flue gas emissions after cooling.


Related Products:

Plate Heat Exchanger


Plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger made of thin metal plates that are pressed to corrugated shape, then stacked and fixed with bolts in a frame. Narrow and tortuous channels are formed between two plates. Then, heat exchange can be took place when the hot and cold work fluid flows through the channels.

Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger


Plate air heat exchanger is a type of environmental-friendly product which is used to recover heat, reduce energy consumption and save fuels. It is applicable to devices used to convert natural gas, oil gas, naphtha and other raw materials into chlorine as air combustion heater. Plate air heat exchanger has been extensively applied in chlorine-making conversion furnace or depolymerizing furnace in large-scale chemical engineering enterprises as well as waste heat recovery projects in steel industry and glass industry. 

Tubular Air Preheater


Tube air preheater is cubic type, and the steel pipes are welded on the tube plate between vertical staggered ends. The tube box is provided with a middle pipe plate, along the pipe through the flue gas preheater with air through preheater heat transfer horizontal.

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