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Application of Heat Exchanger System in Grain and Oil Industry
Jun 06, 2017

The crude oil is removed impurities by the crude oil filter, and being sent to the heater after preheating enters the mixer with phosphoric acid mixed into acid reaction tank, then entering the mixer and mixed lye, stranded in alkali refining tank stranded after centrifuge out soapstock, oil through the heat exchanger after heating centrifugal pump into the mixer. Add lye into the complex mixed tank, saponification after entering the disc centrifuge separation after washing oil soapstock, centrifugal mixer mixed with hot water washing, dehydration and then enter the butterfly centrifuge separation of residual soap and water, alkali refining by vacuum dryer dry heat exchangers used in heating into the continuous bleaching tower, adding bleaching, bleaching after the pump into the leaf filter and then to the security filter.



1.Hot blast furnace flue gas waste heat recovery and utilization

2.New heat exchanger waste heat recovery

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Plate Heat Exchanger


JIEMA plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger made of thin metal plates that are pressed to corrugated shape, then stacked and fixed with bolts in a frame. Narrow and tortuous channels are formed between two plates. Then, heat exchange can be took place when the hot and cold work fluid flows through the channels.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


Shell and tube heat exchanger is the recuperative heat exchanger of a closed tube bundle in the shell wall as heat transfer surface. Simple heat exchanger structure, reliable operation and made of stainless steel 304 can be used under high temperature and high pressure. Shell and tube heat exchanger consists of shell, heat transfer tube bundle, tube sheet, baffle plate, tube boxes and other components.

As a traditional type of heat exchange equipment, shell-and-tube heat exchanger has been applied for ages. It has been extensively applied in many industrial departments, especially in such industries as chemical engineering, petroleum and energy source. Shell-and-tube heat exchanger is composed of many tubes which constitute a tube bundle that serves as the heat transfer surface of heat exchanger. It is hereby also known as tubular heat exchanger.

Pressure Vessel


Pressure vessels are extensively applied as a kind of equipment that plays an important role in many industries relating to national economy such as petrochemical industry, energy industry, scientific research and military industry. Pressure vessels are easily exploded and burned, therefore endangering the safety of personnel, equipment and properties and causing environmental pollution accidents due to sealing, bearing, medium and other causes.

Spiral-plate Heat Exchanger


Spiral plate heat exchanger is composed of two rolled steel plates which form two uniform spiral channels where two heat transfer media can realize a full countercurrent flow and thus substantially enhance heat exchange effect. The connecting tube on the crust is of shear structure and featured by small local resistance. As the curvature of spiral channels is uniform, there is no great steering of fluid flow in the equipment. The total resistance is small. So it is possible to make the equipment possess fairly high heat transfer capacity through raising the designed flow rate. Appropriate technical calculation should be conducted at the time of equipment selection to make the media in channels reach turbulence state. (The flow rate of fluid is greater than 1m/s and that of gas is greater than 10m/s in general.)

Air to Air Plate Heat Exchanger


Plate air heat exchanger is a type of environmental-friendly product which is used to recover heat, reduce energy consumption and save fuels. It is applicable to devices used to convert natural gas, oil gas, naphtha and other raw materials into chlorine as air combustion heater. Plate air heat exchanger has been extensively applied in chlorine-making conversion furnace or depolymerizing furnace in large-scale chemical engineering enterprises as well as waste heat recovery projects in steel industry and glass industry.

Air Heat Exchanger


Finned Tube Air Heat Exchanger includes rolling-type air heat exchanger, coiling-type air heat exchanger, plated-finned type air heat exchanger and high frequency welding air heat exchanger. Advanced steel-aluminum composite technology is adopted in rolling-type air heat exchanger which is featured by compact  combination, small thermal resistance, strong heat transfer performance, small flow loss, good anti-corrosive performance, remote possibility for distortion under long-term cold/hot working conditions, and long service life, etc. 

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