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Application of Food and Beverage Industry
Jun 06, 2017


Pasteurization, also known as low temperature disinfection, cold sterilization, it is a kind of method which can kill bacteria and keep the disinfection nutritional substances in articles by maintained the flavor of low temperature. Besides, it often broadly defined heat treatment method for kill various pathogens.


Sterilization of soy sauce

A plate heat exchanger is widely used in beer sterilization and cooling to produce draft beer. The energy utilization in the middle preheating stage greatly saves the heat and water consumption.


Constant temperature wheat soaking water system

Malt steeping water production control is at a constant temperature (50 DEG C). But as the season changes, tap water temperature is also changing, which requires a set of heating and cooling can be constant temperature steeping water system to provide constant temperature water steeping.


CIP  System


All kinds of craft beer fluid equipment are to be cleaned and sterilized in the production process, cleaning and acid process temperature are required to achieve certain requirements, such as 80 DEG C. Usually the CIP system can be divided into CIP sheet CIP saccharification, fermentation tank filling CIP etc.


Partial cooler for wort sheet


The new technology of wort cooling has been adopted in our country in the end of 80s. The new technology of wort cooling has been widely adopted in the new production line and the old process reformation.

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Plate Heat Exchanger


JIEMA plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger made of thin metal plates that are pressed to corrugated shape, then stacked and fixed with bolts in a frame. Narrow and tortuous channels are formed between two plates. Then, heat exchange can be took place when the hot and cold work fluid flows through the channels.

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