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Aftermarket key
Dec 21, 2016

Faulty heating installed, such as positioning, installation is not strong, plug in place, lack of standard threaded connection, easily lead to leaking at the joint or pipe problems such as running water.

Radiator installation with strong technical and professional installation team should possess the necessary qualifications to carry out. Regular brands have their own designated or special installation and installation quality is guaranteed.

Consumers original using of thermal device and by purchase of new radiator in pipeline design, aspects may has many different, and due to new thermal device of environment adaptability more wide, for installation of location more flexible, so installation zhiqian, often to on original hot pipes for modified, modified tube also should by professional installation team for, to guarantee quality, and these is to occurred must costs of, consumers do don't covet cheap itself modified tube installation or please some no qualification of installation team modified tube installation. Once the quality accident occurs, the manufacturer is not responsible for damages.

Crackdown to detect when the heatsink is installed, to ensure the heat sink itself and no leaks in the installation interface, moved down the pressure of 1.5 MPA, stable for 5 minutes, pressure-drop can be considered eligible, consumers can rest assured that use.

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